In the Community

Construido understands the importance of supporting the community around us.
We are proud to be involved with the following non-profit organisations.


West Harbour Rugby - Gold Sponsor

Construido is the proud Gold Sponsor of West Harbour Pirates Rugby where we provide support to the community’s sporting culture. West Harbour compete in the state's highest competition, The Shute Shield. Our continuous support is shown through the representation on the club jersey as well as signage which features around the club’s home stadium. We continue to support the West Harbour Pirates each week and encourage the community to get behind their local team.

Up the Pirates!

Trinity Rugby 2015 - Japan Tour

Construido sponsored and supported The Trinity Rugby 2015 – Japan Tour that saw students from Trinity Grammar School travel to Japan to watch as well as play rugby. To show our support in the program Construido supplied hats to each and every student. The tour was a beneficial experience for the entire team as it helped students to develop and widen their rugby skills.


Trinity Rugby 2015 & 2016: Match Day Program Sponsor

At Construido we love to be involved in Australian Sports and continue to encourage our local sporting teams. Hence we are honoured to be a major sponsor of the Trinity Rugby: Match Day program. As part of the partnership we strive to support Trinity Rugby in all facets as well as supporting the sporting needs of the students involved so that they develop a passion and enjoyment for the game they play. 

Diabete-It Charity Fundraiser

Sadly, the team at Construido personally know the experiences that are involved with having diabetes. So for the last two years, Construido has been a platinum sponsor of the Diabete-It Charity Fundraiser. The fundraiser continues to be a success raising funds for sick children who have Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes. In 2015, the Diabete-It event was successful enough to have actor Justin Melvey MC for the night. Being a major part of this program enables Construido to give back to both the local and the wider community.